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asbestos removal quote

Asbestos removal is a very dangerous task, and should only be performed by Asbestos Expert contractors.

Any claims of asbestos in a building, either residential or commercial should be taken very seriously due to the health problems it can cause. Any testing, toxic material identification and subsequent asbestos removal should only ever be conducted by industry experts.

asbestos removal quote

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asbestos removal quote

Do you know if your home contains asbestos?

If you don’t, then contact the experts. Asbestos is an extremely hazardous material and although asbestos materials in good condition are safe, if the material becomes damaged in anyway and the fibres become airborne, the effects can be deadly. These fibres can be easily inhaled and once they are in your blood stream it could result in a life threatening disease. Don’t delay if you thing your home or commercial building may be in danger, contact the experts for an Asbestos survey.

Asbestos related diseases won’t affect you straight away; it can take between upto 40 years to develop. Therefore, there is a real need for you to protect yourself now in order to prevent contracting an asbestos related disease in the future.

Asbestos is not uncommon in the UK, with more than 40% of privately owned homes estimated as containing some form of asbestos. For several decades, asbestos was used for a wide number of applications, be it from pipe insulation all the way to garage roofs. Unfortunately, it is now well known that asbestos is hazardous, and is linked to a number of fatal illnesses.

Common place to find Asbestos in your home may include

  • Roofs
  • Insulation boards and cavity walls
  • Walls (cement)
  • Flooring
  • Gutters and Pipes
  • plus many more

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If you are concerned about Asbestos don’t delay, contact the local removal and survey experts today!

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used in a range of building materials to make them more rigid and fire resistant. Asbestos was used extensively as a building material from the 1950s through to the mid 1990s.

Some of areas in your home where you may find asbestos include:

  • soffits, gutters and rainwater pipes
  • garage and shed roofs
  • linings for walls, ceilings and doors
  • insulation panels in some storage heaters
  • old bath panels
  • central heating flues
  • floor tiles

Worried? Get a survey today, simply complete the contact us form at the top of the page and we will be in touch.


Asbestos Survey

Having an asbestos survey will establish if there is any asbestos within your home. Once found, you can then be advised how to maintain the material so it doesn’t pose any risks to your health. There are two main types of surveys that are conducted asbestos management surveys and asbestos refurbishment and demolition surveys. Local removal experts can advise on all when they meet and look at the problem.

Asbestos Removal Cost?

If it has been confirmed that your home or property contains asbestos and you need to have it removed you should always employ a qualified local company to carry this out. If you are exposed to airborne materials, it can lead to death. The cost of asbestos removal will depend on how much is being removed, where it is within your property and how easy is it to reach and remove. On average, it should cost around £700 to have the material successfully removed, but if asbestos has been found in any pipes and lagging it could cost up to £2000. If asbestos has been found on your garage roof this can be relatively cheap to remove depending on where you live. Garage Roofs are common place, if you are worried about your roof contact us today for a survey.


asbestos removal quote

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Asbestos in your home? What is the cost to remove?

It can be hard to visually identify, but if you suspect that you are living with it:

  • Leave it alone, its safe unless it’s damaged or disturbed
  • Never drill .sand or saw asbestos materials
  • Always seek local professional advice before removing suspected materials
  • Do not attempt to remove lagging, spray coatings or insulation board yourself, these materials can only be safely removed by a local licensed contractor

Types of Asbestos

Chrysotile aka white asbestos is commonly used in buildings, homes and garages. You can identify it by the grey/white colouring and strong yet flexible structure.

Amosite aka brown asbestos is also used in buildings, usually as thermal insulation.

If your home was built before 1999 and you are concerned about asbestos, have a trusted local asbestos surveyor come to check your house today, simply complete the attached removal quote form to get the best price.

Asbestos Removal Cost

Some smaller areas can cost less than £1000 in total. For example, a domestic water tank can be removed and disposed of for around £250 dependant on condition and location.

For larger areas such as an asbestos garage removal, the costs can rise to around the £2000 mark.

Although this may seem expensive its a vital health investment, asbestos can cause dangers and is not DIY friendly.

Hire a Certified Asbestos Specialist

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Via the online contact us form we can match you with licensed asbestos contractors throughout the UK, catering to all of your requirements.

The most common reasons to contact us include –

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos Surveys

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Sampling

If you need any of these sevices get in touch today! Don’t delay as Asbestos can be harmful to your health.

asbestos removal quote

Get in touch for prices on Asbestos surveys and Asbestos removal.




If in doubt get an Asbestos Survey by the experts, contact us today

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